About Us

Our Company

checkfelix is an independent travel search engine for cheap flights, hotels and cars. checkfelix searches hundreds of travel sites at once to present the results in a clear and simple way and provides users with a price comparison. As soon as you make a decision for one of the deals and click on “book” or “go”, you will be redirected to a provider where you will complete the booking process.

checkfelix helps to comb through the vast world of travel offers to find the best offer, so that you won’t miss the cheapest price for a flight, a hotel or car. In the end, it is up to the user whether they want to book the offer directly with an airline, a hotel or an online travel agency. Time is an important factor for us. checkfelix searches hundreds of travel websites in two minutes max. Compared to the time it would take to manually search all these travel websites, it is almost unbelievable. Individual searches on all of these sites would take hours. On checkfelix, you can find everything from low-cost airlines, five star luxury hotels and the rental car for your vacation with just one click.

What we are not…

checkfelix is a travel search engine used to compare prices and is not an online travel agency. When users select their preferred flight, hotel or car, they are redirected to a provider site to complete the booking process.

checkfelix summarizes all offers in the same way - no offer is favoured or disadvantaged, since checkfelix does not sell these products. That is why checkfelix is far from being partial and does not favour one provider over another. Our main goal is to remain completely independent!

Who we are…

checkfelix is made up of a flexible and dynamic team that enjoys working on all aspects of travelling.

It is the trip itself that should be enjoyed. Why should the planning, searching and booking of that trip be more stressful than the actual trip?

The gist: checkfelix is not trying to sell anything. That is why checkfelix can provide completely independent, objective and comprehensive information and offers for flights, hotels and cars. Planning a trip should be easy and fun with checkfelix.

checkfelix is managed by KAYAK, an independent subsidiary of Booking Holdings Inc. Every year, KAYAK and its portfolio of brands handles more than two billion consumer queries a year.